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West shore Scuba is a PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Center and full service Dive Shop serving Central PA with classes, gear and dive travel. 

We specialize in Florida Keys trips and have unbelievable deals.  We offer a variety of local diving and international activities to keep you engaged and excited! 

We have also pioneered the "Divers Night Out" , a social activity designed for any divers or soon to be divers in  the area that want to come out to enjoy the social arena where diving is spoken. 

This is a great place to meet new people and hear about upcoming trips as well as put forth you own ideas about what's important to you.  We listen to our Divers!

Ron Willis

Owner/PADI Course Director

In 2012 I left the corporate world to pursue sharing my passion of Scuba Diving!  In 2017 I was selected to attend the highest level of PADI Instructor training.  Being a PADI Course Director allows me to teach others how to become PADI Scuba Instructors. Live the Dream and feel excited to come to work everyday! Come see me and I'll show you how!

Randy Meinke

Master Instructor

Bitten by diving a few years ago, Randy went straight to the top of the PADI System and now enjoys supplementing our instruction at all levels including the Professional track.  Randy's specialty is by far the PADI Rescue Diver Course.  He brings a unique approach to this course and has upped everyones game here at the shop with his style.  Ask Randy why every diver should take PADI Rescue Diver Course when you see him!

Rich Bistline

IDC Staff Instructor/Master Scuba Diver Trainer

Rich is a retired HBG City Fire Fighter and enjoys teaching a variety of classes for West Shore Scuba.  When not managing the shop he can be found working at his passion of Under Water Public Safety Diving and UW Criminal investigations.  Ask Rich how you can get involved and become a resource for your community!

Mark Houser

IDC Staff Instructor/Master Scuba Diver Trainer

Mark is one of those few who prefers cooler waters to the Caribbean and can be found lurking in the depths of the local quarries in the summer or under ice in the winter.  His passion for adventure helps his students get past their own trepidations in their SCUBA training sessions.  While he does most of his training at Willows Springs, there is an occasional sighting at Dutch to accommodate the needs of his students.

Mark Chudley

Master Scuba Diver Trainer

It all started with a fascination with diving since childhood. Combine that with a trip to the Caribbean and an inseparable love for the underwater world was born. There is nothing like the magic of "flying" along under the sea with the marine life of all types. Come join us in the adventure.

Amanda Parr

Master Scuba Diver Trainer

"Amanda, a career globetrotter for 15+ years, had her first Scuba experience with a wild dolphin on the west coast of Ireland. Who wouldn't get hooked? Over the years she has continued to build her experience and certifications in diverse environments and now as a PADI Instructor, has dived and taught in locations such as the USA, UK, Europe, Australia, Southeast Asia, India, Central America, and the Caribbean.

Although Amanda is accostomed to the tropical barefoot beach life, she is always eager for an opportunity to travel to the "Amish Caribbean" in the off season to be a part of the Westshore Scuba team. She is a bit of a sissy when it comes to diving in the cold quarry, but the crew are some of the most professional she has ever worked with and there is always something interesting going on and new to learn at Westshore Scuba. As a Yoga Instructor, it is only natural that she recognizes a profound and beneficial relationship between Yoga and Scuba Diving and has been developing and teaching a unique fusion of the two since 2014, including authoring the original PADI Yoga Diver Course, which is offered at Westshore Scuba every summer."

Dr. Terry Zebulske

Master Scuba Diver Trainer

I have always loved the water and filled many days with swimming and snorkeling.  But it was on a trip to Roatan with my son that first opened my eyes to the wonderful world of scuba.  I will never forgot my first dive in the ocean, the warm, salty, clear blue water, filled with marine life and coral. Diving in God’s beautiful sea changed me forever.  Now I am thrilled to be able to share this amazing sport by being a scuba instructor on the crew at West Shore Scuba.  I would encourage everyone to come and discover the beauty and thrill of scuba.

Scott Thornton

Master Scuba Diver Trainer

Rick Harkins

Master Scuba Diver Trainer

I got into scuba diving on a trip to St. Lucia. I never had any desire or thought to do it but a PADI instructor approached and asked if I would like to try it in the pool. I did and absolutely fell in love. I came home and contacted Ron at West Shore Scuba and the rest is blissful history!!!!

Steve Burkholder

Master Scuba Diver Trainer

Ever since I can remember I have loved being in the water, on the water, and under the water. If there was a mud puddle nearby, I was in it. The dive bug bit me when, as a kid, I would spend time at my grandmother’s house in Boynton Beach Fla., snorkeling the shallow reefs just offshore. My parents bought me a YMCA diving course in 1977, and I have been hooked ever since. I attended College at Florida Institute of Technology that provided me with my PADI Open Water Instructor rating in 1984. I have had many mentors in diving over the years, but the most notable are Drew Richardson; president and CEO of PADI, and now Ron “Swami” Willis; owner of West Shore Scuba. I am often asked why I continue to teach, and the answer is quite simple; I love Diving, Divers, and the entire community of people that love the Ocean environment. One of the things that continues to “trip my trigger”, is the “light bulb” that goes off in a student’s head during their first breaths underwater. That transition from extreme anxiety to one of comfort, and the realization of wonder in a new divers eyes is extremely gratifying.

Tom Scherer


My brother had me try his SCUBA gear back in 2012 in a pool and I instantly fell in love. For the first time I experienced the ability to stay underwater longer and check things out w/o having to return to the surface for air. It was awesome. 

 Six months later I obtained my first Open Water certification and couldn't wait to learn more. I have since worked my way up through dive-master. I'm comfortable at this level of certification and thoroughly enjoy helping our instructors by keeping an eye out on students not going through their skill sets, helping students to practice skills they are having difficulty with, and acting as a sounding board for people looking for hints on gear setup and streamlining. 

 Hard to believe it’s been almost five full years. Come see West Shore Scuba for your SCUBA certification and sign up for some dive trips with us. You won’t be disappointed!

Ben Rosen


Cara Rosen


Duston Shull


Lucas Collins

Dive Master

Lucas is one of our newest DiveMasters.

Kurt Williams


Kurt began diving with his father in 1990 on a trip to Roatan, but “turned pro” in 2019.   He has enjoyed diving all over the Caribbean and Hawaii and is excited to assist WSS’s instructors in and out of the water as they introduce others to scuba diving.

When not under the water, Kurt is land use and environmental attorney in Carlisle.  Kurt’s other “professional pastime” is aviation, where he holds an FAA Airline Transport Pilot Certificate for multi-engine aircraft and is also a Certificated Flight Instructor.

Kurt loves the travel, ecology, science and camaraderie of diving. 

Garry Slobodian


Diving provides me with the intellectual stimulation, the physical challenge, and the emotional satisfaction of being in the sea with so many wonderful creatures. I love helping others enjoy the sport as much as I do.

Ted Guarriello


Ted got his OW certification in 2016 in prep for a BVI trip with friends. Ted loves being underwater as well as encouraging and teaching others. Ted is working toward 2021 Instructor Certification.

Alexis Gosik

Retail and Marketing Manager / Advanced Open Water

While it was snowy and cold in November 2017, I took my first breath underwater during a Discover Scuba Diving class with West Shore Scuba. Since then, I’ve conquered many challenges and fallen in love with the underwater world! In 2020, I traded in my 9-5 job, sold my house and embarked on a more satisfying, location-flexible lifestyle. In September 2020, I joined the management team at West Shore Scuba with hopes of sharing my passion for diving, love of travel and excitement about life with others.

Claire Leedy

Divemaster Candidate / Retail Associate

Claire is a recent graduate of Lebanon Valley College with a B.S. in Environmental Science and a passion for all things marine life. She got into diving in 2017 to prepare for a career in Marine Biology and hasn't stopped since. Come join this amazing community and experience the underwater world like never before!

Earl Myers

Shop Staff

I started diving almost 2 years ago.  Since then I've  obtained the Master Scuba Diver certification.   I work at the West Shore Scuba Shop as a Retail Associate.  The best thing about working at  West Shore Scuba is meeting alot of fellow scuba divers and hearing about their dive experiences

Joe Basso

Gear Technician

As a Gear Technician with West Shore Scuba, Joe has been repairing, servicing and maintaining Scuba Gear since 2004.  Joe is certified by the following vendors and knows their gear extensively: Aqualung, Apex, Mares, Dive Rite, Zeagle, Tusa, Sherwood, Ocean Reef and OTS.  Call the shop with any of your gear problems and Joe is the guy that can get you sorted out and back in the water in no time!


Master Scuba Diver Trainer